What we do?

Commissioning is traditionally seen as the advancement of an installation from the state of static completion to full working order to the specified requirements. It includes the setting- to-work of an installation, the regulation of the system and the fine-tuning of the system.

Commissioning of building engineering services is vitally important for their safe, reliable and energy efficient operation. The success of commissioning depends on a systematic approach that drives the process to a successful conclusion. Ongoing fine tuning for the operation of a building facility is a key strategy for action to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Systematic and thorough commissioning processes make a significant contribution to achieving these environmentally responsible goals.

As commissioning managers, ECS provides a holistic approach to the commissioning processes across all engineering services disciplines and manages the planning, organisation, co-ordination and control of commissioning activities. Commissioning management also encompasses guidance and assistance to the services contractors to formulate a consistent delivery standard of documentation, to demonstrate and record the various commissioning activities and confirm actual performance.

Consideration of commissioning is ideally started in the schematic design phase to enable consideration of the process when key decisions are made. ECS provides the specialist skills and knowledge to this commissioning management process.

Our services include:

What we do?

Commissioning Management

The role of the Commissioning Manager is to manage the commissioning process through the design, construction and implementation phases of the project. The commissioning process assists in the validation and verification of correct performance and operation of the building systems in accordance with the design. ECS have developed a process to enhance the delivery of projects in the built environment.

To successfully achieve this the Commissioning Manager needs to be engaged during or in some cases even prior to the commencement of design, right through construction, handover and building tuning. This ensures that the building owner and/or occupier gets the originally intended outcome.

What we do?

Independent Commissioning Agent (Green Star ICA)

Under the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) rating system a credit is available for the appointment of an Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) to manage and facilitate the commissioning of the building or facility. The ECS commissioning Process, in most circumstances, meets and exceeds the criteria to obtain the credit. However ECS are able to tailor their offering to effectively cover the GBCA requirements.

What we do?

Commissioning Authority

From the US Green Building Council,  LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building commissioning process is a highly effective method to improve the performance of building systems and equipment. A large number of projects are now using the LEED Process to rate their buildings. ECS have been involved in and assisted in the successful  delivery of a number of LEED projects.

What we do?

Building Tuning

All Buildings once completed and fully commissioned as designed will require “fine tuning” to optimise the performance of the various systems that provide amenity to the occupants.

The purpose of the building tuning period, which typically commences post practical completion and handover is to identify opportunities for enhancement of both performance and energy efficiency without compromising the comfort conditions.

This is achieved via continued collaboration between the design team, contractors and of course the occupants. The role of the Commissioning Manager in this phase of the project is to align and lead the team to enhance the outcome.